The Polyright Cashless app will be replaced by the new SECANDA app! The current app will be available until April 30, 2023.
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Below you can find the frequently asked questions.

This is the personal account associated to the card you received from your organization. This account can be safely used at different points of sales and services of your work place.
An identifier is the key that allows, to link your account on polyright cashless and polyright systems in which your account is active.
The identifier is present in the form of an email address. The email address used to log into the site polyright cashless, does not have to match those given by your school or company
Two steps are necessary to manage the polyright account of your child.
  1. You must first register as a legal representative of your child at the administration of the school. Do not forget to provide your email address, as it will be used as identifier in polyright cashless
  2. Once connected to polyright, go to polyright cashless, managing your credentials (top right menu) and add the email address provided at school if necessary.
No. The polyright cashless system is completely independent of the polyright system. You can manage your child's polyright account without having one yourself.
It is allowed to transfer money from your account to any other person in your organization or to people whose account you manage. (For example your children)
The polyright account is managed by the organization (company or school) that offers the polyright services.
Only data given during the registration process are stored into the polyright cashless.
Account loading through QR-bill depends on PostFinance payment processing time. Once the payment has been processed and the account of your organization was credited, the amount will be available on your polyright account. The full process lasts between 2 and 5 working days
Almost. Polyright cashless receives the payment confirmation within seconds after the payment was executed. So you can immediately use the paid amount on your polyright account.
polyright cashless is a also a mobile application. You can download it from the different Stores (Apple Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store). To access it, simply navigate to the web site on your mobile. It is also possible to directly go to your Store and search for "polyright cashless".
The balance of the polyright account is managed by your organization. For any reimbursement, please contact your institution's administration.